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Restaurants inspired by great movies and series

The doors opened, and suddenly, everything changed. I entered the nineteenth century. Everything was a bit dark and gray, covered in fog. The cold shook me and tried not to think that it was a horror movie. I walked to the reception. I sat up slowly, hesitantly, and a gentleman, dressed in a suit approached to ask what he wanted. While deciding what to order, I saw a rotating wall and amazed me even more. I soon realized that it was the atmosphere of the place. Inspired by the sombre Londoners times where the steps were a symbol of fear and distrust, and where flip back to make sure no one was watching was a thing of every day.

There are restaurants and bars that try to recreate some mythical movie or horror story. These places cause you to get very easy to feel at that time; Your mind plays with emotions and even though you know that nothing will happen, you feel the danger, adventure or mystery are closer than ever in your life. These are 10 restaurants and bars with have tested and checked by administrators of putlocker TV channel and they had to admitted that those restaurants have recreated perfectly emblematic scenery. You should watch movies online free on http://xmovies8.io to know more about the restaurants below.


The Way Station

It is one of the most popular theme bars. Themselves refer to the place as a mecca for nerds . Also known as “The Doctor Who Bar”, since it has a replica of the phone booth in the series and has a themed menu with drinks inspired by the series.

On Sundays dedicated to nerd culture, with film of science fiction and fantasy, episodes of Doctor Who , band geek and Nerdeoke (karaoke for nerds). Moreover, Mondays are dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


This restaurant located in Gruyeres Switzerland, is one of the most spectacular. Everything is set as if it were a representation of the movie Alien . Moreover it is not just a restaurant, it is also a museum that perfectly represents the art of HR Giger.

It all started when an exhibition at the Castle of Gruyeres, Switzerland, homeland of HR Giger, with the most representative objects of the film was made. The success was such that he decided to open a museum of HR Giger, where the restaurant is located. Now, the museum, public areas and the bar, have a lot of strange aliens who created Giger.

The club dr. Jekyll and Hyde

New York is one of the scariest and eccentric places. It is a restaurant bar for explorers and mad scientists, where they can eat and drink as if they were in the nineteenth century England.

Here the walls move and close; the pictures are enemies of those who must beware and the waiters look like the most elegant gentlemen of ancient London. The place is full of artifacts and trophies of his adventures, bodies with organs into view and special effects that make you feel in an atmosphere of suspense and terror.


Coffee Tintin and Snowy

The statue of Tintin and Snowy is located at the entrance of this cafe devoted to comics. The space is divided three rooms: the gallery, where beautiful original drawings of the series you can buy there; comic book museum; and coffee set with an identical set design to the original comic, which also has a bar type lounge dedicated to Captain Haddock. The burger this place was selected as the best of Belgium.

Hobbit Cafe

When you enter the coffee hobbits, Gandalf will point the way inside. In Houston, United States, you will experience the emotions of Middle Earth. Its construction is very similar to the homes of the hobbits and is open since 1972, inspired by the stories of JRR Tolkien. Its decor is rustic yet delicate; all objects are made of wood.


Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den

A tribute to all horror films and above all, Zombies party . United States is the great idea of Donny Dirk in Minneapolis,: a zombie bar through a dark scenery makes you feel in danger zone. The creator says Minneapolis will be the global city that hosts the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


In Taiwan and now in the United States, there is a restaurant inspired by the world of the saga jurassic Jurassic Park . Although the menu is nothing spectacular, the restaurant ‘s interior is decorated with dinosaurs and bones carved into the ground.

The blast cauldron

In Mexico City inspired by the films of Harry Potter bar is located. The scenery of the film inspired the creators of this new site in the center of Tlalpan. Music is the soundtrack of the films, the walls are similar to the store to buy gadgets of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the decor includes the golden snitch and the sorting hat.


Probably it has become a favorite theme restaurants in Mexico. This place has a different atmosphere to any restaurant in town. In it, several superheroes around you feel in a big fight between Wolverine, Spiderman and Hulk.

We have build a special menu for gymnastic

recipes Bodybuilders

The bodybuilders recipes are basic to achieve our goals in the gym , both defined as muscle volume.

The bodybuilders have nutritional requirements different from other people therefore the nutrient composition of bodybuilders recipes is unusual.

A common pattern in bodybuilders recipes is they are usually foods high in protein quality, moderated fat quality and with different types and amounts of carbohydrates according towhat our training goal.

But bodybuilders recipes are not just for what most people mean by bodybuilders, swollen muscle types, full of veins and superhuman strength.

The bodybuilders recipes are useful in any healthy diet and regular people who just want to maintain good nutrition. Below we present our recipes for body builder(this menu was made with the consult of personal training gyms NYC )

  • Oat Smoothie
  • Apple smoothie with protein and creatine
  • Beaten increase nitric oxide
  • Smoothies loaded with nutrients
  • Bisque post-workout
  • Oat scones
  • Chop suey chicken breast
  • How to Cook Eggs
  • Tips for cooking chicken and make it juicier
  • Breakfast different bodybuilder
  • bodybuilders breakfast
  • Tuna salad and potato
  • cookies Bodybuilders
  • Ice cream protein
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Breasts
  • Chicken breasts in green sauce
  • Chicken recipes using marinades
  • Citric salmon Basil
  • Strips of chicken breast with vegetables
  • Clear and tomato omelette
  • Tortilla hypertrophy
  • protein tortilla with mustard
  • Oatmeal pancakes with banana
  • Vanilla Ice Super Protein

10 foods in our restaurant’s menu that are very good for your brain

A healthy, balanced diet in which we include these foods in addition to other fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, keep your body in top condition. Remember to drink 2 liters of water daily.

10 super foods for your brain.

The brain is the great director of our body is made up of millions of neurons that respond to a host of impulses coming from outside. Its operation is so complex that to date there are still more questions than answers about the extent of their power.

There are several diseases that slowly deteriorate.  And unlike the past, which were limited to affect elderly mostly cases are increasingly in younger people.

So if you were at your fingertips to help your brain stay healthy and lucid longer, would not you?

So we can help our brain maintain its capabilities for longer,  we recommend a list of the best foods for good health director of our body.

Brain supplement intelimaxiq


This super fruit is useful to nourish the entire body. Your kindness help prevent or delay degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer Case. It is also a powerful antioxidant.



We provide various minerals and vitamins, including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin E. These fruits are allies to maintain good cardiovascular health, resulting in a proper supply of blood and oxygen to all bodies, not to mention, of course, to the brain.


It has antioxidant properties that help prevent premature aging and deterioration of our health. It also contains omega – 3, ideal to protect the brain from premature wear.



The tomato contains a substance called lycopene, which,  thanks to its antioxidant properties,  has proven to be useful in prevention of many diseases,  including various cancers and stroke.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds favor the functioning of neurons and improve brain activity. It is considered the largest source of omega – 3 we get in nature. Prevents aging of tissues, keeping intact longer functions.

Olive oil

olive oil

Has powerful antioxidant effects for tissue protection, prevents damage caused by free radicals called that lead to different diseases as the case of cancer .

It also has healthy fats that help protect the heart, achieving optimal blood circulation and  getting nourish all body cells so they can function properly.


Fish are a rich source of phosphorus. This mineral helps strengthen the brain, especially, improving memory.

It regularly consume fish , especially blue, for its high content of omega 3 willhelp us protect the health of our heart and brain.

Green Tea

Green tea (2)

Great antioxidant, helps prevent heart disease and affecting the brain. It also helps to preserve the memory, prevents damage caused by the passage of time, keeping our cells protected.


Eaten, of course, in moderation cocoa can help in good brain health because it contains antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the organism and its cells, while preventing disease heart . It is also rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps in the nutrition of our nervous system.



Broccoli has nutrients have the ability to enhance memory and preserve good brain health. It also has properties that help protect the heart.

In summary…

All these foods have the ability to help improve or maintain the functions of your brain. Therefore, you should include in your diet and that of your family.

A healthy and balanced diet will keep your body in good condition for much longer, go ahead and decide to choose every day what a natural and beneficial.